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Re: Turkey Load Test

Postby deltadukman » Thu Mar 30, 2017 2:58 pm

reservoirdawg wrote:
jtdumallard wrote:I witnessed first hand this morning that at 40 yards this TSS that you all speak of does not in fact knock a turkey stone cold dead. Actually saw this bird take flight. Can't release any names of the culprit.

Sounds like a swing and a miss.

Nope, that's called a pop up foul ball. He swung, connected, but it's still a strike.

I had one sunday that I stuck up at 830. Did everything he was supposed to. Had him at 25 yards waiting on a better shot as he didn't come up the road like I thought. He went behind a little dip in the terrain and heard him gobble 150 yards after that. He won that time. Had I had a decoy the decoy would have probably got him killed. Oh well. His days are numbered.
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Re: Turkey Load Test

Postby ScottyLee » Tue Apr 25, 2017 9:13 am

Deltaduk wrote:Gunslinger, I have heard nothing but great stuff about TSS. why is there no one manufacturing it in a shell? Or is there someone?

Apex ammunition out of Columbus MS is manufacturing/selling. you can find them on facebook
champcaller wrote:
DUCK-HUNT wrote:
for exmaple you could kill a 4 greenheads (two banded), a mallard/black cross, and a mallard/gaddy cross and smash a hot blonde on the way back to the ramp and call it a hell of a day

and THAT is a duck hunt.

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