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Postby REBEL DUCK » Sun Oct 09, 2016 6:35 pm

Anyone got tips to get delta deer to start eating out of a feeder? Never ran feeders but recently bought one and they won't touch it.
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Re: Feeders

Postby lilwhitelie » Mon Oct 10, 2016 11:41 am

Start early. Like in July and August. If it's a trough feeder or spin feeder etc. it takes a while for deer to not be scared of those things. They know it isn't natural and sometimes spooks em. Start with pouring a lot on the ground around the feeder to get em close and add a BBj sweet additive to entice them. Once you get them to eventually know it ain't gonna get em they will eat but earning that trust can take a while. Not something you can start opening day and expect them to run in. If you have turkeys set your timers a little late in the afternoons to hopefully keep them from eating it all if you go spin feed. Spin feeders are not that great if you have high turkey populations or hogs. You want deer to come for a meal not a snack. To me trough feeders are the way to go or gravity feeders. Keeps turkeys and hogs at bay. Yes deer will eat a lot and do a lot of nighttime eating but you keep them on your place. By starting early you give them options they don't have. When acorns fall or beans are around don't expect a lot but by starting early they at least get used to it and will come back when the abundance of free food god gives them starts to get slim.

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