Ever been to Canadia?

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Ever been to Canadia?

Postby landscaper » Mon Jan 18, 2016 11:34 am

Have any of you ever deer hunted in Saskatchewan? As I told someone yesterday, there is a lot of green on the table between now and Saskatchewan deer season, but I may have the opportunity to hunt there this fall. What should I expect as far as weather goes? Any "must haves" that differ from what I would need to hunt at home?
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Re: Ever been to Canadia?

Postby levi127 » Mon Jan 18, 2016 12:44 pm

I've been up north of Prince Albert beside the Indian refuge. When the road ends, it ends! Most places up there offer baited hunts or all natural hunts. We did a baited one and after watching 150 deer we decided not to. Basically they put a price tag on the deer you want to hunt. Regular hunt you pay a flat fee to kill whatever you want. Baited hunt we were in a heated shooting house with everything. On the other hunt we basically set on a bicycle seat in the top of a Christmas tree! You climbed the limbs up to it!
We went if I remember right in December. Snow was blowing straight across and prob 2-3 feet deep.
Worst part, the airport. They have no respect for your gun or equipment. They just slid it outta plane then across the ice to the handler which throw ls it in the cart.
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Re: Ever been to Canadia?

Postby lilham » Mon Jan 25, 2016 11:46 am

I've been to Canada hunting a couple times. It is legal to bait in Saskatchewan so you will most like hunt over alfalfa hay, green peas or some other grain your guide puts out. The season is only 5 weeks long(Mid of October thru the first of Dec). The first part can be mild, but the last part will be cold. A good base layer that will wick away moisture or keep your heavy clothes off your body is important, especially if you plan on staying all day. You will need several pairs of these, but the rest you can wear everyday. I wore my base layer, then the heaviest Drake fleece wader suit, then my pants and shirt. Try to put as many clothes on after you get out of the cabin or truck so you don't sweat. I then worn a set of Fleece outer wear on top. I did borrow a body suit to wear as a extra layer if needed, but it never got really cold(only around zero) on either of my trips. I recommend to not buy some fancy pak boots like I did my first year. Get some insulated slip on boots and a pair of boot blankets. When you get to the stand, slip the boots off and boot blankets on. Put a hot hand in each boot blanket. Sock liners to wick away moisture is great under your wool socks. Your feet will stay warm and comfortable. Bino's were not important at any of the places I hunted. I never hunted a area that I could see farther than 100 yards. Most places have small shooting windows, so I recommend two sets of shooting sticks for the front and back of your gun. This will allow your gun to always be in position. Drink plenty of liquid while hunting. Carry a thermos, most places will fill them with hot coffee or hot soup/broth. Carry more food to the stand than you might normally eat, your body will burn a lot of calories to stay warm. Carry a pee jug to the stand with you(preferable a milk jug).

As far a travelling....the airport in Saskatoon is probably the most gun friendly airport I have ever been in. There will be hundreds of other hunters there. I have a SKB case that I use and it works great. If you hunt with a outfitter, see if you can get them or one of their friends to pick you up from the airport or your hotel. Rental cars are very expensive up there. The first time I went four of us split the cost of the rental car. Since then, I have been able to call my guide and pay them or one of their friends to come get me. Most of the hunting ground is North of Saskatoon. I recommend stop at a Walmart(I normally stop at the one in North Battleford) and buy any thing you can't live without(snacks, drinks, and such). Most places will have plenty of stuff, but you might want something else. Most people fly in on a Saturday, stay in a hotel and travel to their hunting camp on Sunday. The Saskatoon Inn is almost directly across the road from the airport. If have a good restaurant and bar area. There will be tons of other hunters there. Unless they have changed, that is where Jim Shockey puts all his hunters up, so you will probably see them.
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