As a State fan.....

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As a State fan.....

Postby dukluk » Tue Jan 01, 2019 3:48 pm

I am totally embarrassed at our unprepared and poor performance, today.....27-22......’nuf said.
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Re: As a State fan.....

Postby msudawg8087 » Wed Jan 02, 2019 11:03 am

That was pretty ugly. Hold a team to -16 rushing yards and still take an L. Let that one sink in for a min. Defense and a special teams gift kept it from being a blowout. Penalties, dropped touchdowns, and my personal calling. Was really hoping they could finish strong but they were flat on offense. Still not sure why we don't utilize the RBs more. I was yelling at the TV on the 3 consecutive QB runs at the goal line but from what I understand each of those gave Fitz the option to either run, hand to a RB or throw depending on what the defense showed. Guess you can credit the Iowa D for showing different looks. I will forever be grateful for Fitz with everything he's done on top of that injury and coaching changes cause the kid has absolutely given his all from start to finish but man I'm ready for a new face with hopefully a better arm. Might be a tall task to ask for that but can only hope for the best. Next year may be a tough one.

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