Dove Club Memberships Available

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Dove Club Memberships Available

Postby lipsplitter39654 » Thu Aug 04, 2011 10:48 am

The Flat Broke Dove Club

Memberships available in The Flat Broke Dove Club located in Belzoni, MS. The hunting area is broken into 2 tracts, one a 1200 acre tract of old fish ponds 5 miles west of Belzoni, MS and the other 650 acres of old fish ponds 1 mile south of Isola, MS. These old ponds are now in row crop and are planted in corn. There were 1200 doves killed on opening weekend last year on the 1200 acre tract alone. The area is surrounded by crop land and has several large commercial dove hunting operations within a couple miles.

650 acre tract is surrounded on all sides by well managed dove fields including Yazoo Valley Wildlife. This tract is approximately 1 mile wide by 1 mile long. There are numerous interior gravel roads and gravel county roads on all sides. There are several large multi line power lines that run through the property. The property has working fish ponds on 2 sides which provide water for doves. 1200 acre tract planted about 90% in corn with the remaining in natural vegetation. Gravel roads throughout the property with some larger trees on the perimeter. Small power lines run thru property. This property is huge and is over 2.5 miles long. Has a couple working fish ponds which provide water for doves. The last few years the corn has been bush hogged down in August because of alfatoxins in the corn and it appears that they will do that again this year. If not the corn will be harvested. Either way there will be sufficient food for the birds. There will be thousands of ears of corn on the ground after this process which will provide an unlimited source of food for doves. This is totally legal as state and federal law allows for the manipulation of standing crops for doves but not waterfowl. We will also plant some wheat as well for the doves.

Individual Membership-Cost of Membership is $600 and can be split by 2 hunters. The way it works is that 2 people are listed as members per membership and one but not both have to be present at all times. Example-Bob and Steve join club but Steve can’t come and Bob wants to bring Joe that is fine. Also children 15 and under are welcome to come and don’t count as an adult. Kids 16 and over count as adults.

Corporate Membership-Cost of Membership is $2500 for companies to bring up to 10 hunters. Limited number of these.

The membership includes all dove seasons and the number of hunts is unlimited. You can come and go as you please. No other animals may be harvested other than doves, no ducks, deer, hogs, quail, rabbits, geese or any other game animal.

Hunts will begin on opening morning and depending on the number and concentration of birds we will likely rotate hunting spots from one property to the next.

A waiver of liability must be signed by all members and guests. Any person caught on property without a signed waiver will be asked to leave and membership will be revoked without a refund. A designated drop box will be provided for waivers to be left in.

All trash, bottles, cans, shell hulls and shell boxes must be picked up and removed by all members and guests. If an area is not cleaned up membership will be revoked with no refund.

A log book will be placed near the drop box so that activity will be entered and recorded.

Trucks must be parked in designated parking areas and foot or atv traffic only from parking area to hunting area.

Use of alcoholic beverages while hunting is prohibited.

The only memberships we offer are listed above. No day hunts no half memberships etc. Please don’t ask.

Memberships can be paid for by paypal account use this email address for paypal If paying with paypal add 4% fee to your total

Checks can be mailed as payment as well. Email for mailing address.

For more information email or call 601-455-3318
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Re: Dove Club Memberships Available

Postby Negotiator » Sat Aug 13, 2011 6:42 pm

Are there any spots available?

If so, I would like to purchase one.


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