Must Read Before Posting: Public Land Info Policy - 12/6/11

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Must Read Before Posting: Public Land Info Policy - 12/6/11

Postby Micah » Tue Dec 06, 2011 12:48 pm

Every participant in the forum is required to read and comply with this policy. Your participation in the forum implies your agreement with this policy. If you do not agree to follow the policy, you are required to PM a global moderator to have your account disabled.

Due to the increased pressure on public lands, it is now our policy to forbid posts that provide information on public hunting. This is in an effort to prevent further damage to the quality of the hunting experience on public waters. Many of us have seen some of our favorite areas turn into a three-ring circus over the years. Increased numbers of hunters along with internet scouting have turned many public waters into places that I wouldn't even attempt to hunt; by my standards, what you can accomplish with that much pressure isn't even "hunting".

This is personal to me. I'm sick and tired of the crap that goes on with public water and the yahoos that show up and ruin the hunt for everyone. I've experienced it personally, and I refuse to allow my site to contribute to the problem.

The specifics of my policy are as follows:
1. No public hunting area is to be mentioned by name (correct or incorrect spelling) in any public forum. This includes "any" public hunting area "anywhere" (ie. Mississippi, Arkansas, Canada, New Zealand). Do you get the idea?
2. No member is to publicly solicit "specific" information on public and/or private hunting areas. If you want to know something, you PM a specific member that you know in that area. If you don't know anyone, then maybe you haven't been a member long enough to be asking such personal questions. Are we Clear?
3. Posts about weather and water in a fairly large geographic area are generally acceptable. As an example, "How much rain did you get near Cleveland last week?" would be an acceptable post. Asking about duck numbers or water levels at a specific WMA, NWR, etc.. is not acceptable.
4. Moderators are the final judge of what is acceptable. Their judgment will not be questioned; their decision is final.

The first violation of the policy will result in a warning. The second violation will result in a permanent loss of posting privileges on the site. This is non-negotiable.

This policy is effective immediately. Moderators will be removing offending posts ASAP.

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