Daisy .22 LR (Model 2203 Legacy)

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Daisy .22 LR (Model 2203 Legacy)

Postby eSJay » Wed Feb 27, 2019 10:24 am

Posting for a colleague.
I was not aware that Daisy anything but BB & pellet guns, but learned otherwise yesterday.
Looks like they never took off and not sure they are practical for actual shooting, but neat little collectible for a conversation piece.
If anyone is interested, he said he'd like to get $200 for the gun.
He's trying to help his daughter raise money to go to Japan for a month to study the Culture.
For those with "the phasebook", if you can share that would be great.
For more info, call Art @ 601-692-8029 (or message me through here).
Daisy Molel 2203.jpg

Daisy 2203.jpg
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