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Postby Denduke » Mon Jul 31, 2017 10:39 pm

Guy had to fly but hadn't flown much. He boarded and took his seat.
He thought wouldn't be great if a pretty girl would end up adjacent seat.
Sure enough here comes a beauty sashsaing down the aisle and sits down next to him.
"Hot ****!" He thought.
"Hi there fellow" she broke the silence
"Where are you headed?" He said
"Oh, I'm headed to Chicago to a nymphomaniac convention to give a seminar " she replied.
He was flabergasted but held his composure, "What is your subject?"
She replied, "I'm going to discuss virility in men."
"How is that?" He questioned
"Well the most endowed men seem to be the native Americans, Indians. The most passionate men are usually Jewish. But for the overall greatest sex is with southern farmboy or cowboy. By the way what is your name? My name is Sheila."
He exclaimed, "Ah....Ah...My name is TONTO GOLDSTINE!!!!!but everybody calls me ah....ah....BUBBA!!!"
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