What is The Best Gun Safe?

Posted on May 09, 2017, 11:05 pm
3 mins

I’ve been thinking of getting a gun safe. Who’s got one? Any info on brand, accessories, good deals would be appreciated. Thanks  -Strutter-



‘I bought a liberty gun safe 10 years ago and have had no issues. The guy that sales them is in Pearl, MS at discount gun safes. Great family to deal with. Last year I did upgrade my lock to an electronic lock which I advise.’   -pee wee-


‘Go ahead and get a big one 40+ or as big as your space will allow. I’m currently about to have to upgrade safes because my collection has outgrown my smaller safe purchase from about 7 years ago.’   -edub20-


‘I bought a 24 gun cannon from academy when they had it on sale for black friday. Got a really good deal, like just under $500. It is full and holds maybe 8 guns on one side. I wasnt thinking about all the other stuff that I would want to keep in the safe so I have shelves on one side.

When we move I am going to buy a much bigger safe and relegate this safe to the garage for easy access during hunting season.’   -bulldog ducker-


‘They both have a wide variety (temp and time ratings) in their lines. That is what you look at when buying one. Highest temp for the longest time is the better safe.’    -teul2-


‘I bought a Liberty last year best decision I ever made it holds around 30 guns but cant remember the style name. I also bought the door rack for pistols mags ect. well worth it if you are a neat freak like myself.’    -duckiller-


‘As everyone else has said, go bigger than you think you will need. When any brand says 24, 50 or 64 guns, they are talking little unscoped 22s or something, not scoped rifles and ARs. They eat up space quick. You will be surprised what else you find that needs to go in the safe once you have one.

I picked up a Fatboy from Discount Gun Safe in Pearl and couldn’t be happier. Talk to the them about where you want to put that safe. They know how much clearance they need for the safe and dolly to navigate in your house. Just because you think it will fit down the hall and make the turn into your bedroom doesn’t mean it actually….and momma keeps threatening to call them back out to move it from the dining room to the garage…’  -rowdy51503-


‘Tractor supply co has the best prices on safes. Check them out!’   -turkeyman-



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