What is The Best Case To Carry My Shotgun on a Airline for a Duck Hunting Trip?

Posted on May 23, 2017, 12:01 am
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Know some of ya’ll travel frequently to shoot ducks, and other creatures; Lord willing I have two trips in the works for this season and need some recommendations for a case.
The case will need to be able to hold a scoped rifle, as well as a shotgun (at different times)

Also any heads up to make the process at the airport easier??? would be much appreciated. I have never flown carrying a firearm before.    -Greenhead329-



I have full-length and breakdown airline cases from Cabela’s and have flown guns in them many times. Both have proven to be high quality. There are a number of other cases on the market, such as Tuffpak, Pelican and Negrini, which have gotten good reviews, but I can’t speak of them personally.

Traveling tips: Study your airline’s firearms and ammunition policy and make a copy to have at the check-in counter in case you run into a dispute. Be sure your guns are unloaded and ammunition packaged according to airline specifications. Make sure your travel documents are in good order and easily accessed. Get to the airport earlier than you would without guns, as the check-in procedure sometimes takes a little while. Be friendly, cooperative and helpful to the airline and TSA personnel. And I think that it’s a really good idea to dress nicely – how you look gives you credibility.    -Hambone-



Dad has an SKB that holds up to 4 shotguns. We’ve flown with it for the last 15+ years from Alaska to Iceland to Argentina with no problems. I know that the gun case with 3 shotguns in it will still be under the 50 pound luggage weight limit. The case has 4 independent locks for added protection. They also sell different sizes if you think that size is too big for your needs, but it makes it easy for my dad, brother, and I to put each of our guns in one case for just one of us to claim it as baggage with all the new restrictive baggage rules as far as charging for extra.   -arduckslayer-



Flying into Canada with guns was no big deal. To the point I was surprised it was so easy. Maybe an extra 30 minutes total on the leg there.
Flying back with missed flights was a different story.   -Teul2-



As someone mentioned earlier–make sure you have TWO locks. I had a close call at the airport a year or so ago. I have been flying with guns for 30+ years, always with a lock on a Pelican case. Now the TSA wants locks on both ends. I also travel with a roll of duct tape. After I put the locks on, I throw a couple wraps around the case. It may never matter, but it makes me feel better.    -Yankee-



Whatever kind you get don’t be surprised if it beaten to hell and back after the trip specifically if flying any on Delta. They pretty much destroyed my last one. Having said that it wasn’t too expensive of a case (aluminum sided) but there were several puncture holes through it and the underlying wood, handles broken off, and combo lock almost destroyed. Definitely can’t fly with it any more. I would suggest you spend some decent coin and get a tough one.   -rjohnson-



On the TSA locks, check the regs. There is an “internet dispute” on if TSA locks are appropriate under their own rules. By the text of the rules, they are not, as any jackleg with a TSA key like Ahmed the Terrorist can then unlock your case. By the way the cheeseburgers randomly enforce thier own rules which they may or may not have read, who knows what they will want you to do.

Lodge Guns: Find out what brand lodge guns they have where you are going. If its say a 391, just take YOUR STOCK, and leave your gun here. That way, you get no gunfit issues, and don’t have to worry about loosing YOUR gun to gorrila baggage handlers, et al.   -Gulfcoast-