How Do I Build a Duck Hole?

Posted on May 06, 2017, 12:25 am
3 mins

“Got a project to build some/a duck holes on our property. I have an area that we can easily flood that is currently worthless that is grown up in willows and some Cypress and it backs up to a hardwoods flat. The area is aproximately 600 yards square. If you picture a square, this area would have a slight slope from corner to corner. I’m thinking about clearing an area in the shape of a “U” or “L” and putting a control structure in the corner/bottom. I plan on opening up an area that will be about 800 yards long from end to end. My questions is, how wide should I make the open area from side to side?”   -Roach-


“I have no idea on width and not sure you’ll get a good answer here, but do suggest leaving some clusters of willows if possible so you can get out there wiff em’ if need be. I do like the idea of giving it some shape rather than just square. Also try to set it up so you have options no matter the wind direction.”   -Esjay-


“I wouldn’t make it more than 60 yards across at the most. Probably more like 40 yards. Would be good to keep anything that comes below the tree tops to be with in shooting range.”  -Teul2-


“Was in the same situation with a spot we cleared this summer hoping it’ll do ok we got in there and cleared out 40 yds wide and about 100 yds long and left big trees on the outside and one or two small willows in the middle pulled a levee with a pipe and will see if big enough if not all ways can get chain saw and drag out trees to widen it up some.”  -Drake09-


“Open it up some for goodies is fine but I would bet it not gona take long for smartweed to take hold of it and youll have all the free goodies ya need.  Just remember may take some time to get birds to using it if at all, but sure cant hurt for different habitat on ya place.”  – Msbigdawg1234-


“Have you contacted your local NRCS office? You’re already paying them a nominal fee for services like this, and some of them may even know what they’re talking about .”  -Jamak84-




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