Checklist For Top Places to Duck Hunt in The Lower 48?

Posted on May 07, 2017, 10:54 pm
2 mins

“Thinking about a bucket list of sorts for waterfowling experiences in the lower 48. What would be your top 10 (even if you haven’t been) experiences, places etc coupled with a species?

Trying to think along the lines of iconic places as well like Beaver Dam, Chesapeake Bay etc.

An example would be Greenheads in the timber Stuttgart AR. ”  -The Doctor-


“River hunting in dead of winter in Montana has always seemed pretty interesting.

California rice fields.

Chesapeake bay divers

Sandhill cranes in Texas.”   -Blackduck-


Eastern Washington Pauls Ponds mallards
Klamath basin Oregon widgeons. While out there see if you can find a hunt over flooded barley or hopps.
Snake river Idaho mallards
Ppr regions eastern Montana.. South Dakota, North Dakota
Platte river neberska
Oklahoma peanut fields
Texas panhandle duck and goose combo
Venice la
Cameron parish la
Crowlys ridge area ark
Reel foot lake tn
Kentucky lake
Southern Illinois
Grand pass Missouri
Horicon marsh Wisconsin
Kankakee marsh Indiana
Lost flyway Alabama
Mobile delta
Lake okeechobee Florida ringnecks
Lake Seminole divers ga/fla
Lowlands of South Carolina
Outer banks North Carolina
Lake mattmuskett North Carolina
Lake Champlain/finger lakes Vermont /New York
Gotta try the Great Lakes Michigan
Maine sea ducks.
And lastly
Everybody needs to at least once hunt
Malmaision, the scatters and Matthews brake

Kansas.. Cheyene bottoms and carters big island
Utah. Great salt lake
Sand hill area of Nebraska     -Bigwater-


Venice, catahoula Lake canvasbacks, and real flooded green timber in Arkansas   -hntrpat1-